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Add-On Services

These optional Add-On Services help you further customize your self-publishing experience. Some of these options are included in our Publishing Packages, so be sure to check your chosen service.

Books Returns Program

Level the playing field. Make your book returnable through Ingram.

Leather Bound Editions

Get an exclusive, luxurious leather edition of your book.

Additional Interior Images

If you need more images than allotted in your package.

Additional Tables

If you need more tables than your package includes.

Paper Galley & Cover Proof

Get a paper copy of your book's cover and interior.

Citations (footnotes and endnotes)

Enhance and explain your published work with citations.

U.S. Copyright Office Registration

Ensure complete protection of your work under U.S. Copyright Law.

Library of Congress Number

Get a library card catalog number for your book.

Expedited Service

Publish in less than 60 days.

CD Archive

Get an electronic version of your book on CD-ROM.

Channel Availability & Distribution

Distribute your work in the most extensive distribution network available.

Hardback Availability

Make your book available in a classic hardback edition.

Image Enhancement & Manipulation

Get the desired effect with your images.

Custom Text & Layout Formatting

Customize your text and layout to achieve the desired effect for your book.

Custom Cover Upgrade

Work with a Palibrio designer to create a truly exceptional book cover.

eBook Upgrade

Have your book formatted in a completely electronic format.

Online Book Search

Increase your book's online visibility and search capability.

Custom Illustration Service

Custom made artwork to enhance your work.

Cover Design Service

Bring your book to life with a unique cover design.