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Black and White Publishing Packages

Select from Palibrio's comprehensive range of publishing packages specially tailored to allow you to create the book that you envision. Each one provides a unique blend of publishing, editorial, and marketing services to customize your publishing experience.

Basic $599

The Basic Service is an economical option that offers streamlined services to produce a book with uncomplicated design requirements.


The Professional Service incorporates sophisticated design options for the cover and interior and allows some customization. This service also includes a hardback edition.

Custom $1,599

The Custom Service offers an ideal opportunity for authors with a precise artistic vision for their work to guide Palibrio's creative designers in turning their passion into a reality.


The Superior Service offers you the expertise of Palibrio's designers and editors to create a polished, stylized, first-class book and provides you with a comprehensive marketing campaign.


The Executive Service provides complete customization, an extensive array of marketing tools, and a plethora of publishing options to stimulate both author and reader.