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Palibrio's Specialty Publishing Packages

Palibrio's Specialty Publishing Packages are perfect for writers wanting to bring a unique feel to their genre. Choose the Specialty Publishing Package that best describes your genre and we will tailor a customized self-publishing experience to produce your book in either classic black & white or dazzling full-color.


Unleash complete creative expression through our Poetic and Philosopher Publishing Services in Black and White or Full Color. Collaborate with our design team to create vivid imagery that breathes life into your verse and captivates your readers. Your art will then be primed for worldwide distribution immediately upon publication.

Children's Books

Have always dreamed of sharing your story with not only the children close to you, but with children everywhere? Then the Palibrio's Children's Publishing Packages are for you. Make a child laugh, share a valuable life lesson, or take them on a magical journey into their imagination.

Best of all, you can bring your story to vivid life with Palibrio's Art Studio. We can provide the illustrations, customize the layout, and truly make your story a work of art.